What do TV and being a celebrant have in common?

The title of this blog isn't a joke, although now I am thinking of an appropriate punch line!

For those of you that don't know, I have spent more than 14 years working in the T.V industry. In fact, it's even longer in the media industry as a whole, as I had a couple of very happy years working on the radio too.

Woman at work
Working for ITV when I was young!

I have had the pleasure of working with so many amazing individuals and teams over the years in the media industry and I wanted to let you know what those years have allowed me to do and how they transfer across into my job as a celebrant. I have learnt loads from so many incredible people.

As a director/vision mixer you have to be able to communicate well with everyone. You need to be approachable and fair, but in control of the runorder of the day. Not only that, you must listen to everybody's views and opinions and represent them well in the show that you are making. You must be clear on your direction so that people understand what is happening and you must fix any problems as quickly and officiantly as possible. You need to be able to reassure and make your presenters and guests feel comfortable, relaxed and informed. Timing is essential, not just being punctual to meetings, but to make sure elements of the day are timed and executed in a professional manner. This is just a handful of requirements.

Now, I don't want to sound like I'm bragging, I promise I'm really, really not. But, I can do all of these things and I am really proud that I can. How about I do all of that for you for your celebration? I'm friendly, kind, easy to talk to and fun. I will take on board all your wishes and make them into your own special ceremony. I'll never let you down as I will always be there to answer emails, texts and calls. I'll arrive at least an hour before your ceremony so you can be assured I'm ready and waiting to give you the best day ever! I'll take away the stresses and bring smiles so that all you have to be concerned about is you, your partner, you child, your loved one. I mean it, truly I do. The celebration is yours to enjoy and be immersed in. Let me make your cermony wishes come true.

Working in the media industry has given me so much and I would love to share all of my skills and knowledge with you.

A huge thank you to my friend and colleague, Marc Edwards for the lovely words. It's always wonderful to hear such positive stuff and it really means the world to me. Here is a short clip of the video Marc kindly recorded for me. You can also hear more over on my Instagram and on my YouTube channel.

Please get in touch to discuss your ceremony requirements. It would be lovely to chat more.

Celebrant SJ x