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Prices from £550

Let me help you create your vision. I will write and conduct a bespoke ceremony which represents you both as individuals, but also shows your harmony and unity as a couple. You may want to include religious elements or none at all. Remember, it's your day! Include your family traditions, heritage, favourite music. Write your own vows or let me help you. There's no limit to your imagination when you're planning your special day.

If you need an extra helping hand, I'm also available to stay on after your wedding ceremony to act as your wedding host. I'll introduce the speeches, announce the cutting of the cake, the first dance and help your photographer gather in the guests for the all-important picture opportunities.

Vow Renewals
Prices from £550

A vow renewal ceremony is a wonderful opportunity to reaffirm your love to one another. There are no restrictions on vow renewals so it can take place anytime, anywhere to suit you. 

Relive those precious moments of when you first met, the engagement and all the fantastic memories you've made as a couple.

Walk down the aisle again in front of all your guests or keep things intimate. However you choose to do it, I'll be there to guide, support and advise.  

Commitment Ceremony
Prices from £550

Would you like to show your love to one another without having to do the legal paperwork? A commitment ceremony is a wonderful way of celebrating your love, and it can still be very similar to a wedding ceremony if you wish. Exchange rings, share promises and invite guests to share in the moment. 

A symbolic element, like the lighting of candles or planting a tree could be incorporated to mark this joyous celebration. I'd be happy to design a symbolic element that relates specifically to you too. One of my favourites was a Lego house building where all the congregation were involved. Let's chat and make your day completely yours. 



Naming Days
Prices from £300

A naming ceremony is a wonderful way of welcoming a new baby. It can also be a lovely occasion to welcome step or adoptive children into the family. Parents, relatives and friends can all be involved and the ceremony can be wherever you like. Whether that be at home in the garden, a favourite restaurant or a community hall. The choice is yours and that's not just with the venue. You can select music, readings and symbolic elements for a truly unique day. Please get in touch, I'd love to chat more. 

Outdoor Family Day
Merging Families
Prices from £300

Families are a beautiful thing. A merging families ceremony brings people together to celebrate new relationships, it helps create new bonds and allows everyone involved to make fresh commitments as siblings and parents. 

A fantastic ceremony to show union and most importantly, love. 

Hanging Glass Flask Candles
Blessing Ceremonies
Prices from £300

Blessing ceremonies can take place wherever you wish and are relevant for many occasions. Are you expecting a baby and would like a blessing for your bump at your baby shower? 

Are you moving to a new house? I can help you celebrate your housewarming with a unique ceremony. 

Drop me a line, I'd be delighted to explore ideas with you.